Inter-bar is a commercial, international website representing Bars and Pubs all over the world.

Inter-Bar is the first fully interactive media website catering for bar owners and allowing them to interact with their customers, each other and allow cross-promotion with other bars around the world.

Inter-Bar is quick & easy to use allowing the client to concentrate on the business at hand, “Running the bar”!

Inter-bar is FREE to use and we will be adding a number of additional (Premium) services that can be utilised by any bar owner wherever in the world they may be!


Inter-bar is as a hub for bars that want to broadcast their “wares” to an international, as well as national audience.

Inter-bar provides a central service for bars to update their services, menus, attractions or anything else owners or managers may think will improve their bars image & appeal.

Inter-bar provides “profile templates that can be easily updated by authorised staff allowing for the bar staff or manager to upload Pictures, Sound, text, menus, Live music or sports posters etc.

Each bar profile can be followed by customers or interested people who want to find out what is new & the beauty of Inter-bar is that ALL the information that is updated comes directly from the bar (No expensive web designers fees)

Inter-bar will allow bars on other continents to link to a client’s bar. This will promote cross marketing without the hassle of direct competition with other local bars (Inter-bar will only allow bars owned by the same client to cross-promote within the same geographical area)

Inter-bar provides its clients with handy profile templates to allow them to build their profile quickly. The professional look will be taken care of by inter-bar site admin.

Inter-bar is also be able to provide bars with public feedback. Because inter-bar is a commercial website bar owners will be able to filter their feedback & allow the comments they like onto their profile.